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<!ELEMENT layout (page+, text_font?, music_font?)>
<!ATTLIST layout
   measurement_unit (centimeters | millimeters | inches |
   decimal_inches | points | picas | pixels | twips) #REQUIRED
   hpos_per_unit CDATA #REQUIRED >

Element layout is used to provide information about a standard rendering of Logic layer. The hierarchy employed in this sub-layer is shown in Figure 17: the layout is made of a number of pages, each page contains a number of systems, and finally each system contains a number of staves.

Layout hierarchy
Figure 17 — Layout hierarchy: external dotted lines represent page margins, internal dotted rectangles represent systems, the smaller dotted rectangle surrounding pentagram 1 of system 1 represents staff.

  • measurement_unit, a mandatory attribute to fix the measurement unit used in the sub-elements.
  • hpos_per_unit, a mandatory attribute which specifies how many hpos units are contained in the current measurement unit (fixed by measurement_unit attribute). This attribute is fundamental in order to implement the hpos attribute of spine sub-layer in absolute terms.

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