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<!ELEMENT graphic_instance (graphic_event+, rights?)>
<!ATTLIST graphic_instance
   description CDATA #IMPLIED
   position_in_group CDATA #REQUIRED
   file_name CDATA #REQUIRED
   file_format %formats; #REQUIRED
   encoding_format %formats; #REQUIRED
   measurement_unit (centimeters | millimeters | inches |
                     decimal_inches | points | picas | pixels | twips) #REQUIRED>

Element graphic_instance describes the score’s graphical sub-part contained in a single graphic file.

  • description, an optional attribute used to provide a textual description of the file.
  • position_in_group, a mandatory attribute which allows the numbering of the sub-parts within the group (see graphic_instance_group).
  • file_name, the complete path to identify the digital object. The path can be either absolute (e.g. "C:\Documents\images\image1.jpg") or relative (e.g. "images\image1.jpg"), and either local (e.g. "C:\Documents\images\image1.jpg") or remote (e.g. "http://www.unimi.it/image1.jpg"). Attribute file_name should respect the syntax rules to be supported by different operating systems (including case sensitivity).
  • file_format, extracted from a complete list of supported formats presented in the IEEE 1599 DTD. IEEE 1599 formats are similar to the corresponding MIME media type, but media type name (e.g. "image") and subtype name (e.g. "jpeg") are separated by an _ (underscore) character. As a consequence, a MIME type such as "image/jpeg" is expressed in IEEE 1599 as "image_jpeg".
  • encoding_format (see file_format for allowed values). There is usually no difference between file format and encoding format, but some formats (such as TIFF for graphics and WAV for audio) can be considered as containers of a number of other formats. In this case, file_format reflects the "external" encoding whereas encoding_format specifies the actual encoding within the container.
  • measurement_unit, a mandatory attribute to fix the measurement unit used in graphic_event sub-element.

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