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Feature objects are assigned to a segment, and a custom implementation of featureObject classes is desired. To this end, an extensible content model pattern is followed (see [B5]). This yields a basic structure for the element feature_object, defined with a parameter entities that allows extensions.

<!ENTITY % added_feature_object_classes "">

To extend the model and represent custom feature objects, the user has to create his own definition of a class and introduce the name of the new class in the parameter entity defined in the DTD.

<!ELEMENT feature_object(simple_description %added_feature_object_classes;)>
<!ATTLIST feature_object

A feature_object is identified by a unique id in the IEEE 1599 document and will have, optionally, a name. A feature object contain ans object of one of the supported classes.

<!ELEMENT simple_description (#PCDATA)>

The standard model contains an object class simple_description as trivial example, the contents of which is a simple text.

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