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<!ELEMENT analysis(segmentation, relationships?, feature_object_relationships?)>
<!ATTLIST analysis
   author CDATA #IMPLIED
   description CDATA #IMPLIED>

An analysis is made up by a segmentation, (optionally) a set of relations between segments (relationships) and (optionally) a set of relations between feature objects (feature_object_relationships) that a user needs when defining relations among segments.
Note that the structural element can contain zero or more analyses as sub-elements. In this way, it is possible to contain different analytical viewpoints. Each analysis contains:

  • id, which provides a unique identifier within an IEEE 1599 file.
  • author, which optionally identifies the music analyst.
  • description, which is an optional textual description of the analysis.

The analysis element has been developed in order to be able to model structures discovered by music analysis. The general formal model for the music analysis description implemented in the analysis section will be briefly described (see [B6]).

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