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<!ELEMENT barline EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST barline
   style (dashed | double | final | invisible |
                        standard | smaller |minimum) #REQUIRED
   extension (single_staff | staff_group |
                        all_staves | mensurstrich)#REQUIRED

Element barline is used for the description of different kinds of barline. Repeated barlines should not be encoded using this element.


  • style, an attribute to specify the graphical aspect of the bar line.
  • extension, an attribute that encodes the number of staves the bar line is applied to: single_staff for the staff of the current event only, staff_group for the group the current event belongs to, all_staves for the whole staff system, and mensurstrich for lines only between pentagrams.
  • event_ref, a mandatory attribute to identify the spine event that precedes the barline to be specified. If a single staff is involved (see attribute extension), the event identifies the staff to modify. Please note that events are associated to parts, that are associated to staves. If a group is involved, the group is the one containing the staff of this spine event.


style= "standard"style= "smaller"style= "minimum"style= "dashed"style= "double"style= "final"





extension= "single_staff"extension= "staff_group"extension= "all_staves"extension= "mensurstrich"

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