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<!ELEMENT arpeggio (notehead_ref+)>
<!ATTLIST arpeggio
   shape (wavy | line | no_arpeggio) #REQUIRED
   direction (up | down) "down">

<!ELEMENT notehead_ref EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST notehead_ref

Element arpeggio is used to realize an arpeggio on a number of given noteheads.


  • shape, a mandatory attribute that defines the graphical appearance of the sign. The value "no_arpeggio" is often graphically rendered by a square bracket.
  • direction, an attribute that fixes the direction for the performance of the arpeggio.

Element notehead_ref is used to define which notes should be affected by the symbol. Thanks to this method, it is possible to join notes coming from different chords.


  • event_ref, a mandatory attribute that identifies the spine event corresponding to the current notehead.



   <arpeggio shape="no_arpeggio">
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_01" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_02" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_03" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_04" />
   <arpeggio shape="wavy">
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_05" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_06" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_07" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_08" />
      <arpeggio shape="wavy" direction="up">
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_09" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_10" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_11" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_12" />
   <arpeggio shape="line" direction="down">
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_13" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_14" />
      <notehead_ref event_ref="event_15" />

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