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<!ELEMENT voice_list (voice_item+)>

<!ELEMENT voice_item EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST voice_item
   staff_ref IDREF #REQUIRED
   notation_style (normal | rhythmic | slash | blank) #IMPLIED>

Element voice_list is a container for a number of voice_item elements. Each part contains at least one voice, but many voices are supported. For instance, in a 4 voices fugue for organ, the only one part is organ, which includes 4 voices. Each voice is identified and described by a voice_item sub-element.


  • id, a mandatory attribute to identify univocally the current voice. Please note that id attribute is referred to in the following by voice element, sub-element of measure.
  • staff_ref, a mandatory attribute to provide a default mapping of a voice on a staff (attribute id of element staff). This setting can be overriden at notehead level of granularity.
  • notation_style, an optional attribute which allows to define alternative notations for a voice.

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