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<!ELEMENT text_field (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST text_field
   extension_line_to IDREF #IMPLIED
   extension_line_shape (normal | dotted | dashed) #IMPLIED

Element text_field contains generic alphanumeric strings, such as "Dolcemente", "Ritenuto" or "Staccatissimo". For agogics, the proper element should be used instead (see agogics), as well as for dynamics (see dynamic).


  • event_ref, a mandatory attribute to identify the event to which text_field should be linked. Two alternatives are possible: a dedicated event can be inserted in spine, or text indication can be linked to a simultaneous event of another type.
  • extension_line_to, an optional attribute which identifies the last event involved by this text indication. For instance, if "Dolcemente" covers many events, the first one is referred in event_ref and the last one in extension_line_to. From a graphical perspective, often this indication is realized through an extension line .
  • extension_line_shape, an optional attribute which sets the type of extension line, if extension_line_to is specified.




<text_field event_ref="event_01">


<text_field event_ref="event_01" extension_line_to="event_07


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