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<!ELEMENT tablature_hsymbol (tablature_element | barre)+>
<!ATTLIST tablature_hsymbol
   string_number CDATA #REQUIRED
   start_fret CDATA #REQUIRED
   fret_number CDATA #REQUIRED>

Element tablature_hsymbol allows the representation of the symbols shown in the example below in text format.

  • id, an optional attribute that provides a unique identification for the symbol.
  • event_ref, a mandatory attribute that identifies the spine event to which the symbol refers.
  • string_number, a mandatory attribute which specifies the number of strings to be represented inside of the symbol.
  • start_fret, a mandatory attribute which specifies the first (upper) fret to be represented inside of the symbol. In order to encode such information, a number is expected; capotasto is encoded by value "0".
  • fret_number, a mandatory attribute which specifies the number of frets to be represented inside the symbol.



   <tablature_hsymbol event_ref="event_01" string_number="7"
                                       fret_number="4" start_fret="0">
      <tablature_element fret_position="2" shape="rhombus"
                                       string_position="1" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="0" shape="cross"
                                       string_position="2" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="4" shape="1"
                                       string_position="2" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="2" shape="4"
                                       string_position="3" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="4" shape="2"
                                       string_position="4" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="0" shape="empty_circle"
                                       string_position="5" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="1" shape="T"
                                       string_position="5" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="3" shape="3"
                                       string_position="6" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="0" shape="empty_circle"
                                       string_position="7" />
      <tablature_element fret_position="4" shape="full_circle"
                                       string_position="7" />
      <barre fret_position="2" start_string_position="5"
                                       end_string_position="7" />

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