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<!ELEMENT staff (clef | ( key_signature | custom_key_signature) |
                        time_signature | barline | tablature_tuning)*>
<!ATTLIST staff
   line_number CDATA "5"
   ossia (yes | no) "no"
   tablature (none | french | german | italian) #IMPLIED>

Element staff describes the characteristics of a single staff. A staff system (see staff_list) is made of one staff at least.


  • id, a mandatory attribute which allows referencing to the staff.
  • line_number, an attribute which contains the number of lines; "5" is the default value .
  • ossia, an attribute to encode ossia staff. An ossia staff is used as an alternative notation for a part/voice represented in a standard staff. For instance, it is used to realize complex ornaments or to notate standard cadenzas.
  • tablature, an attribute which states the kind of tablature, if any.

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