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<!ELEMENT slur (svg?)>
<!ATTLIST slur
   shape (normal | dashed | dotted) "normal"
   bracketed (no | yes) "no">

Element slur is for encoding slurs. A slur is a symbol indicating that the notes it connects are to be played without separation. In general, this implies legato articulation. In music for bowed string instruments, it also indicates that the notes should be played in one bow, and in music for wind instruments, that they should be played without using the tongue to rearticulate each note (see tonguing). In guitar music, the slur indicates that the notes should be played without plucking the individual strings, i.e. hammer-ons and pull-offs. In vocal music, slurs are usually used to mark notes that are sung in a single syllable.
A slur is denoted with a curved line generally placed over the notes if the stems point downward, and under them if the stems point upwards.
Sub-element svg can be used to draw custom slurs in SVG.


  • id, an optional attribute that provides a unique identification for the symbol.
  • start_event_ref, a mandatory attribute to identify the spine event at which the sign starts.
  • end_event_ref, a mandatory attribute to identify the spine event at which the sign ends.
  • shape, an attribute that specifies the graphical layout.
  • bracketed, an attribute that specifies if the symbol has to be bracketed.



   <slur start_event_ref="event_01" end_event_ref="event_03" />


   <slur start_event_ref="event_01" end_event_ref="event_02" shape="dashed" />


   <slur start_event_ref="event_01" end_event_ref="event_02" bracketed="yes" />

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