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<!ELEMENT repeat (repeat_text?, (jump_to, (repeat | end)?)+)>
<!ATTLIST repeat

Element repeat is for repetitions in music, such as refrains. Please note that, in this case, the whole structure of the repetition is encoded, and not simply typographical signs.
Multiple jumping is allowed, in order to encode cases such as "Dal segno al segno poi Coda"; however, for multiple endings, a specific element is provided, as shown see below.
All parts and voices are expected to be synchronized in the score and to behave in the same way in the repetitions, so the event_ref attributes (here and in the sub-elements) will refer to any of the parts/voices of the score.

  • id, an optional attribute that provides unique identification for the symbol.
  • event_ref, a mandatory attribute that identifies the spine event by which repeat is triggered. There are two possible approaches: i) identifying an ad hoc event in spine for repeat symbols, whose position in time and space is the same as the first music event following the last event to be performed before the jump, and ii) relating the repeat occurrence to the first music event following the last event to be performed before the jump.



<repeat event_ref="jump_01">
   <jump_to event_ref="event_01" />


<repeat event_ref="jump_01">
   <jump_to event_ref="event_01" />
   <jump_to event_ref="event_01" />


<repeat event_ref="jump_01">
   <jump_to event_ref="event_01" />
   <repeat event_ref="jump_02">
      <jump_to event_ref="event_10" />

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