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Relationships and feature_object_relationships

<!ELEMENT relationships (relationship+)>

<!ELEMENT relationship EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST relationship
   description CDATA #IMPLIED
   segment_a_ref IDREF #REQUIRED
   segment_b_ref IDREF #REQUIRED
   feature_object_a_ref IDREF #IMPLIED
   feature_object_b_ref IDREF #IMPLIED
   feature_object_relationship_ref IDREF #IMPLIED>

The element relationships is a container of relationship elements.
A relation among segments is identified by a unique identifier in the IEEE 1599 document.
A relation between segments is defined by references to the two segments involved, namely A and B.
One can also specify which feature object to choose from the feature objects associated to segments A and B. When the objects are specified, it is possible to specify also in which kind of relation A and B are.

<!ELEMENT feature_object_relationships (feature_object_relationship+)>

<!ELEMENT feature_object_relationship (ver_rule)>
<!ATTLIST feature_object_relationship

<!ELEMENT ver_rule (#PCDATA)>

Element feature_object_relationships is a container of one or many feature_object_relationship elements.
A relation of feature_objects is identified by a unique identifier in the IEEE 1599 document, which can be referenced in the definition of a relationship between segments. It is defined by a sub-element that can contain the rule to check if the relation is verified.

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