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<!ELEMENT part (voice_list, measure+)>
<!ATTLIST part
   performers_number CDATA "unknown"
   transposition_pitch (A | B | C | D | E | F | G) #IMPLIED
   transposition_accidental %accidental; #IMPLIED
   octave_offset CDATA #IMPLIED>

Element part corresponds to the concept of a part in a score. For instance, "Violin I", "Piano", "3 flutes" are parts. Internal subdivisions of parts are called "voices" and listed inside voice_list sub-element. Music contents are subdivided into a number of parts, then they are described measure by measure.

  • id, a mandatory attribute to identify univocally the current part.
  • performers_number, an attribute to define the number of performers who execute the part.
  • transposition_pitch, an optional attribute that specifies the pitch for transposing instruments (e.g "C" for a trumpet in C, "A" for a clarinet in A, etc.).
  • transposition_accidental, an optional attribute that specifies the accidental for transposing instruments.
  • octave_offset, an optional attribute that specifies, by a signed integer value, the number of octaves to add(positive values) or to subtract (negative values) in order to identify the correspondence between notated and performed sounds. For instance, even if they cannot be considered transposing instruments, double basses usually perform notes written one octave up: in this case, octave offset is "-1".

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