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You are here IEEE1599  >  Reference Manual  >  Midi_instance


<!ELEMENT midi_instance (midi_mapping+, rights?)>
<!ATTLIST midi_instance
   file_name CDATA #REQUIRED
   format (0 | 1 | 2) #REQUIRED>

Element midi_instance is used to link an external MIDI file.

  • file_name, a mandatory attribute that contains the complete path to identify the MIDI file. The path can be either absolute (e.g. "C:\Documents\midi\abc.mid") or relative (e.g. "midi\abc.mid"), and either local (e.g. "C:\Documents\midi\abc.mid") or remote (e.g. "http://www.unimi.it/midi/abc.mid"). Attribute file_name should respect the syntax rules to be supported by different operating systems (including case sensitivity).
  • format, a mandatory attribute that specifies the type of the linked MIDI file.

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