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You are here IEEE1599  >  Reference Manual  >  Midi_event_sequence


<!ELEMENT midi_event_sequence (midi_event | sys_ex)+ >
<!ATTLIST midi_event_sequence
   division_type (metrical | timecode) #REQUIRED
   division_value NMTOKEN #REQUIRED
   measurement_unit (ticks | sec) #REQUIRED>

Element midi_event_sequence is a sequence of mapped midi events and System Exclusive messages.


  • division_type, a mandatory attribute that defines the type of timings used in the timing attribute of a single event (see below). "metrical" stands for ticks per quarter note, "timecode" stands for SMPTE or MTC related encoding.
  • division_value, a mandatory attribute that specifies the granularity of timing.
  • measurement_unit, a mandatory attribute that indicates the measurement unit (usually ticks for a metrical division type and sec for timecode)

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